Discover the
PERFECTA alarm system!

Reliable home security, tailored to your needs.

fully wireless system

intuitive and easy
to use Keypad

Keyfob for remote control


Wireless technology for your convenience

The PERFECTA wireless alarm system guarantees everyday security and comfort. If you already have a renovated, beautifully furnished apartment or house, you do not have to worry about any repair works. The system does not require any wiring, so you can decide to install it at any time.

Intuitive and simple control

Local control of the PERFECTA system is really simple. The keypad has dedicated buttons that allow you to quickly arm the system in selected mode. Thanks to this, every household member can easily operate the system every day.

  •   Arming
  •   Night-arming
  •   Disarming

Owing to its universal design, the keypad fits in perfectly with both modern and traditional style interiors.

Remote control of the system

The ergonomic keyfob allows you to remotely control your alarm system. The icons on the keyfob buttons correspond to those on the keypad. You can use them to set the system in the selected armed mode. Fast, easy and convenient!

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PERFECTA CONTROL mobile application

Mobile management center in your pocket

PERFECTA CONTROL is an intuitive and very user-friendly application for remote control of the PERFECTA system. Using it, you can conveniently arm and disarm the system or check the history of events in your system. Keep everything under control ‒ from any place in the world! See how it works:

Protection against burglary ‒ and more!

Attention, intruder!

Motion detectors and magnetic contacts are the basis for an effective alarm. It is they that send a signal about the danger to the alarm control panel. Take care of internal protection by using motion detectors in the rooms, and mount a magnetic contact on windows or doors that will trigger an alarm as soon as the intruder tries to open it.

Attention, fire!

The PERFECTA system also allows additional protection against such events as fire. The smoke and heat detector will detect the threat in time, thus contributing to the rapid notification of fire services or personnel you indicate.

Reliability - compliance with European standards

The PERFECTA alarm system is a high-class device that meets the stringent European EN 50131 Grade 2 standard. All devices included in the PERFECTA system undergo a multi-stage quality control, which ensures security in the premises where they are installed.


The PERFECTA KIT has been created specifically to ensure the security for you and your loved ones.

The PERFECTA KIT has been created specifically to ensure the security for you and your loved ones. Fast installation and configuration, carried out by  certified installers will help you obtain the desired results.